Red Hair Dye

100% chemical free all natural red hair color is the hot hot hot! Nothing says fire more than a red head! Men love it as well and you always will get the attention no matter what crowd you are hanging out with. Harvest Moon all natural hair color works fast and like all the other colors is permanent. Super vibrant on natural red hair or light colors and deep red if you are starting with medium to dark colors. This will give your grays highlights. No matter what you start with you will love our red hair color.

Mix with warm water and leave on for 45 minutes to one hour. Always do a strand test and do not leave on for more than 3 hours.

Hair Dye Ingredients

Red hair dye color

Red is back

Do not forget your hair dye application kit!

Red Hair Dye

13 Responses to Red Hair Dye

  • Harvest Moon says:

    Yeah we need to change that. Everyone gets a different red. Strand test is best! Depends on what color you start with. Red red sounds about right. The darker the hair the darker the red.

  • Corinne says:

    That image you use as a swatch scares the crap out of me. Looks like Ariel’s color. lol I currently have a medium blonde with a slight bit of orange in some parts. I’m trying to get a vibrant dark red color, but the results I’ve seen for your Dark Red seems way, way too dark for what I’m going for. Would you recommend trying your Red? Or should I perhaps mix Dark Red and Red? I love henna, been using it for years, but I’m always apprehensive when switching to a new one. If you guys could help me out, thank you! I appreciate it every much!

  • Harvest Moon says:

    Do not use leave in conditioners and do not do oil treatments. Car paint fades over time, but if you take good care of it it last much longer.

  • Izabel says:

    I was on youtube and someone who had purchased this henna had said that it fades a lot. I am considering buying this product and i want to know how to prevent this color from fading.

  • Harvest Moon says:

    Deep red will look cherry red on dark brown. Our dye does not go lighter. yes it will help it grow faster 🙂 especially pure red orange henna. But red orange you will not see very much on dark hair.

  • isabel says:

    Hey i have brown hair and i was just wondering if by deep red you mean a reddish brown or a dark red sort of like how rihanna used to have but a little darker. Another question, will the henna in this product make my hair grow faster? If it does that would be great because i have been trying to grow my hair long for a really long time. Thanks

  • Harvest Moon says:

    Hi Laurie,

    There is no guarantee that you will get that exact color. Harvest Moon products are all natural so there is no set color for every person. I would recommend a strand test to make sure you are going to get the color you desire. Any white/silver/gray/blonde hair will be a much brighter shade of red than say if you were to apply it to brown or auburn hair shades.

  • Laurie says:

    I’m looking for a red that’s like the picture. I have ash blonde hair, and I have it bright red on the bottom half. The store reds fade quicker than I feel comfortable re-dying. Will the red dye be bright red like in the picture, or would a different red be better? Thanks!!

  • dg says:

    great blog man….. nice blog for HAIR lovers… RED COLOR IS AWESOME

  • Harvest Moon says:

    Well you really have to see what works better, red on gray will be very red. Red on brown will be brown with red highlights. One packet is enough and will do bra length hair.

  • Audrey says:

    Will one packet be enough for shoulder length hair?? I’ve never used this before and really am looking for something more healthy. Chemical dyes have fried my hair. I haven’t died my hair in 5 months because of all the damage, but I am in desperate need of a coloring!! My hair is medium brown with lighter brown highlights from all the sun. My roots are dark brown && gray. Not good!! I really wanna have a nice red color. What color would be the best from your selection??

  • Harvest Moon says:

    Simple question actually. I would use our pure henna. follow the directions as for the brown beard dye video, clean facial hair with toothbrush “gently” after you mix your henna, then apply and leave on for 30 minutes. You might even want to just try 10 minutes.
    If it is to bright go ahead and wash it with shampoo. If it is not dark enough you can add a tad bit of indigo or brown. The more you add the darker it will get. You can spot it or do the whole face. best to start small and work your way up.

  • John says:

    I have a red beard that covers my whole face though it is trimmed so that the hairs are about 1/4 inch long. I am now 57 and more than half the beard has turned white. My main concern is that I don’t want the red henna to make my beard appear in an “unnatural” shade of red. I was advised to go with a color that’s a bit lighter and I’m hoping that it will come out with the red part of my beard not changing color while the white part either matches the natural red of my beard or comes out a bit lighter so that it will look like natural highlights that I had when I was younger. What color henna should I buy and is there any special application method I should use. Thanks. I know this is a challenging question.

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